We are a non-profit, fair trade store, operated by volunteers

Our Mission

Worldly Goods inspires social justice, sustainable livelihoods, and environmental resiliency by providing a marketplace for artisans of the world to earn a living wage, support their families, and develop their communities.

Our Core Values

  1. We believe in Dignity, not Charity. FairTrade allows artisans to be self-sufficient.
  2. We put People before Profit.
  3. We believe consumers should remember the people who made their goods.Through Fair Trade, there is a positive and direct relationship to producers.
  4. We believe FairTrade provides economic, environmental, and cultural sustainability.

Over 50 Countries Under One Roof

  • Coffee, tea, chocolate, dried fruit, & olive oil from cooperatives around the world
  • Unique clothing, scarves and jewelry
  • Singing bowls and prayers flags
  • Recycled paper tableware
  • Kisii stone sculptures from Kenya
  • Onyx candle holders and desk accessories
  • Hand woven baskets made of many unique materials
  • Musical instruments & toys from around the world